Square peg in a round hole

Square peg in a round hole

Very often lately, if you are like us and watch a lot of TV, surf the web, or read a lot, you may have become inundated with financial product sales pitches. That’s just the nature of capitalism and free press.

Unfortunately, the airwaves and the internet are rife with misinformation and disinformation.

Almost never, is there an investment that is perfect for everyone, in every situation. Yet we are led to believe by so many salesmen and pundits that one should never invest in this security, or buy that type of insurance product. Or that only investing in their type of program is the correct way.

Getting half the story is often more detrimental than getting no story at all. With that, let’s set aside some time and discuss the pros and cons of different products and services. What could be a terrible and irrevocable disaster for one individual may very well be the saving grace for anther in an entirely different circumstance.

As experienced financial professionals, in an independent environment, we are knowledgeable, and free from any corporate agendas and sales quotas, and able to objectively compare and contrast the best investment and protection options for our clients.

Some examples of these discussions could be:

  • Term Life insurance or Whole Life? … or do I even need insurance for this element of my life?
  • Is an annuity the right investment for my needs? And how should it be written?   Or is there an alternative?
  • Should I take advantage of fee-based planning? Or is a commission-based product better for my needs?
  • Can I utilize more than one type of investment and still reach my goals? (spoiler alert ! the answer is more often than not, “Of Course!”)
  • What is more important to me, risk tolerance or liquidity? Tax-free or tax deferred?


We don’t take sides in these arguments because we have nothing to gain by doing that. We just present the facts and help you decide what is right for you, our valued client.