Retirement Planning

 Retirement Planning

The idea of retirement is different for everyone.

To many, it means a time where their employment life ends, either by their own hand or at the hand of other powers. Traditionally, for these people what happens is from this point forward they are financially dependent upon what pensions have been put in place for them, supplemented with what they were able to squirrel away after years of saving and investing the profits of valuable, often hard work.shutterstock_145835411

Unfortunately, more often than not these funds (commonly referred to as the “nest egg”) has been beaten and diminished by the forces of market decline, inflation, poor planning and wrong decisions. Sadly this is one of the inherent traits of investing. Sometimes, of course, never often enough, some folks are lucky and are able to achieve terrific growth in their portfolios during their working years.

Unfortunately, again, these portfolios can be under assault again from these same forces after the retirement papers are signed. Improper planning for the retirement years (arguably far longer than for our ancestors), or the inability to transform from an aggressive tolerance level to a more risk-adverse stance can lead to running out of money before one runs out of oxygen.

Our goal in retirement planning is the help you, our valued client reach that day of retirement knowing that everything was done in your best interest to get you as close as possible to that financial goal when you start retirement, and to ensure that your goals are still being addressed into and throughout your retirement.

Yes, there are even some folks that never want to retire, even when they can. And we wish them the best, even some of us are in that group! We can help them too!