Sometimes, an audit is a good thing!

The Life Assurance Audit service can assist you in monitoring the performance of your life insurance coverage. In the event that your policy is not meeting your needs, we can review alternatives that will allow you to make an informed decision based on unbiased information. The Life Assurance Audit may also reveal that no changes are needed, providing you the confidence that you are properly covered.shutterstock_144231253

An annual review of your insurance is something that makes perfect economic sense. Just like our regularly scheduled review your investment portfolio, an annual Life Assurance Audit is necessary to track the performance of your insurance against your objectives to make sure they still coincide.

Now is good time to review your life insurance policies for three key reasons:

  1. Life insurance contracts issued more than five or six years ago may not guarantee your death benefit even if your premiums have been paid as planned.
  2. Older policies may not have earned as high a return as originally projected. This not only decreases the cash in the contract, it also increases your total cost of insurance deductions – potentially accelerating the decline of your remaining cash value.
  3. Changing life events in families can also trigger the need for a life insurance policy review. These may include situations such as retirement, changes in marital status, becoming a parent, as well as changes in jobs or careers.   If these or other life events have occurred since you purchased your life insurance policy, now is the time for you to gain insight into your current life insurance needs

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