Business Services

You maintain a constant focus on striving to keep your business strong and growing.

Let us help you in fully understanding the true value of your business, and protecting that value and your wishes as the business and your needs change year-to-year.

By asking the right questions, you can better understand what you must do to protect your dreams.

  • What is the true value of my business should I die, or wish to retire or sell?
  • Are my family and those around me taken care of should something happen to me unexpectedly?
  • Will my business continue to run well in the event of mine, or my partner’s death or disability?
  • What plans are implemented today to provide a higher probability that my key employees will stay with me for now and into the future?

We will help you review your benefits packages to ensure you are doing everything possible to attract and retain key talent.

We will help assess, create and implement a long-range strategy for your objective of the continuation of your business should there be an unexpected change to the leadership through death, disability or exiting.

We will introduce you to the expert help you need to personally and specifically value your business correctly for the purposes of protection and succession and/or exit planning.

We never charge for consultations. Our goal is to become and remain your valued counsel for the duration of your business as long as you are at the helm.

LPL and Summit Star Financial do not provide business valuation services.