Business Evaluation

Business Evaluation, Succession and Exit Planning

“ A Million Dollars” or “10 Million Dollars”… Often that’s the quick answer we get when we ask a business owner, “What’s your business valued at in dollars?”

We venture a guess that the answer is just that, a guess. Proper and professional business valuation is an invaluable tool we provide our clients when they need a true and accurate understanding of the value of their business.

If needed, we can introduce you to our strategic alliance of independent CPAs or consultants that provide Informal Business Valuation and Business Planning Services.

A Buy-Sell Review is instrumental if you have a buy-sell agreement in place, our team will also review the agreement, and provide highlights and recommendations based on your current business needs – again, at no cost to you.

Working closely with your tax-planning and legal partners, creating a valid and workable succession or exit plan is vital to maintain the integrity of the business. This can and should be done early and reviewed often, rather than have something thrown together in a hurry after a terrible circumstance presents itself, such as a death, bad diagnosis, or family/partner emergency.

Preserving your business’ future is our business too.

Whether you want to create a market for the sale of your business or provide protection in the event of unplanned events, creating a solid financial plan and identifying your priorities may be beneficial to your financial future. For more information contact us at (508-346-3944).

LPL and Summit Star Financial do not provide business valuation, tax, or legal